A Beginner’s Guide to Start Making Money On Your Blog

If you’re just getting started with blogging, whether for fun or for profit, you probably haven’t heard much about how to make money right away. One of the easiest methods to generate money online in today’s freelancing and gig economy is to start a blog and monetize it. Depending on the approach you use, there are several methods to begin monetizing your blog.

Why should you earn money from your blog?

We all blog for different reasons, but even if you began yours as a pastime or something to do when you had some downtime, you should probably start charging for access to it.

Website fees can add up.

Perhaps the most compelling argument for monetizing your site is the necessity to cover hosting costs. Hosting, domain, and other website fees can add up. Unless you have a lot of extra money to pay for it, you’re going to start scratching your head every time the due date is near.

It can be your source of extra income.

Your blog is another avenue to start making extra income online. If you have a business, you can incorporate your blog post and make more sales out of it. You may do what you love while earning money in the background.

But before you can start earning from your blog, you need to prepare a few things. Just like starting any business, you need to prepare everything to make lots of money from it.

Start publishing great content.

Numerous websites have blogs, numbering in the hundreds. Great content is essential if you want to get noticed and make money from it. Start to create posts that are not just trashy click baits. Improve your SEO score. Make them valuable to your audience – something that can actually help them.

Build organic traffic by having dedicated readers.

A successful and earning blog has a loyal readership. Once you create great content, you will find your people, your audience who will become your dedicated readers. Every time you post, they will share it with other people too. That’s one of the ways to build organic traffic.

Build a community around your brand.

Every successful website has a community. If you run a business blog that features products or services, you need to build a community where your readers can discuss, and you can connect with them. It is an important step to take not just for business, but for your loyal readers.

Once you are done with these basic steps, you can now start implementing some strategies to start making money.

4 Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

Sell ads.

Using Google Adsense is a great approach to monetize your site. In addition, you may set up a section of your website dedicated to selling advertising from other publishers. Every click or sales from it will give you a percentage to earn. Many successful bloggers use this technique to earn money from their websites.

Sell your own products or services.

If you have a product or service, post it on your blog to earn more sales online. It’s free and you are selling it to the local audience who have big chances to check out your product.

Try affiliate marketing.

In order to profit from their readers’ purchases, many bloggers engage in affiliate marketing. Identify companies that provide affiliate marketing and sign up with them. It’s usually free to join. To put it simply, it’s a fantastic method of generating passive revenue.

Write product reviews.

Some brands contact bloggers to write reviews about their products and pay the bloggers for them.


To get the most out of blogging’s potential benefits, you must first identify them. Finally, it all boils down to having superb content. If you work on your content, attract natural traffic, and cultivate a dedicated following, financial success will inevitably come.


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