How Storytelling Gives You An Edge in Blogging

We now live in an information-saturated age where thousands and thousands of blogs are posted every single day. Because of this, aspiring bloggers need to up their game and the best way to do it is to improve their storytelling skills. After all, we all have a story to tell. The key is to make our story more interesting and powerful than others. Storytelling gives you an edge in blogging since people are attracted to great stories.

Even those online readers who like to just skim on every page will take time to read if you have a great story to tell. So, if you want to put out great content, you need to make sure that your storytelling is worth checking out.

Here’s how you can tell a great story on your blog.

1. Write a good opening story.

A good opening story will bring your readers through your entire blog post. Telling it at the start will make your readers feel what you are trying to say. Create questions that will keep them wanting for more.

2. Start with a message.

Storytelling gives you an edge especially if you have a strong message. At the very beginning, it is important that an author imparts that message and maintains a strong stance throughout his or her stories. People will read and get invested if they feel the message, most especially if they can relate it to their life.

3. Be the main character of your story.

There’s no better way to tell stories than tell them yourself. Just like your life, you are the only author who can live it best. Tell your story truthfully with all the things you want to share. Transfer how you feel to your readers and make a connection.

4. Make sure that your stories align with your message.

When writing your stories, whether it is for a book, video, or for social media marketing material for brands, you need to maintain your message all throughout your story. Readers and customers will see this with your storytelling.

5. Keep your storytelling simple.

Not every story that needs to be told has to be surprising and complicated. Most of the time, simple storytelling is what people love to read or listen to. A simple story with a simple message is also the best marketing strategy considering that putting in too much detail will ruin the whole point of the story. Let your readers read and review your story and they will immerse themselves with the things you are talking about with simplicity.

6. Practice and keep writing.

Impressive storytelling needs practice and in order to be good at it, you need to be doing it over and over again. Keep writing and practice your storytelling skills. One way or another, you will be telling it with all your heart.


Humans love a good story. We are wired to find one. In fact, our ancestors used stories to share life lessons and educate the new generation. This is why stories are deeply rooted in us. It is up to us how to use it to our advantage. We can use storytelling to make blogs, books, and other platforms to be more interesting and engage better with our audience.

There are many ways to tell stories. You can either write a book, create a video, or share on any social media platform. Incredible storytelling is what makes those books and videos interesting. If you run a business or work with brands, telling a story that is worth listening to will give you an edge to gain more customers or loyal readers.



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