5 Effective Strategies to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

At some point in your blogging journey, you might think about how you can drive more traffic to your blog. When you were just starting out, it may be something you didn’t really think about. You were probably focused first on setting up your blog and creating consistent content. But as your blog has grown, you realize the importance of increasing your traffic. Because if no one visits your blog or be interested to click on the links you have generated, how are you going to earn from them or at least, what is the point of creating more content when no one is reading them anyway?

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For this reason, you want to make sure that you rethink how you market your blog posts. If your current strategies are not working, it is high time that you begin a new approach in attracting more audience to your blog. You will want to make sure that your blog becomes a reliable source of information that people want to look up for. Your content should be valuable as well so that people will actually look for it.


Here are 5 effective strategies to drive more traffic to your blog.


1. Create more evergreen content.


One of the best and most effective ways to drive more traffic to your blog is by creating more evergreen content. What does evergreen content mean? In simplest terms, it is content that remains relevant and an interest to your readers all year round. When you create more content that will stay relevant to people even after its original publication, you can generate a good amount of traffic for that content even in the many years to come. And if one blog post can give you that, how much more if you dedicate writing more evergreen content? The possibilities are endless. So the next time you create a new blog post, make sure that it is an evergreen content. Repurpose those old content of yours for it to stay relevant.


2. Write an e-book and make it available on Amazon Kindle Store.


If you write valuable content that you think should read even more people, consider writing an e-book and make it available on Amazon Kindle Store. Put a link of your website or a specific content from your website on the e-book so that when people all over the world read your book on a Kindle app, they can easily click on the link and you instantly get traffic. The best thing about writing an e-book is that you no longer need to have thousands of dollars and a solid contract with a publishing house in order to get your work published. If you think your content is worth sharing, make it even more accessible to people by writing an e-book and at the same time, gain more traffic on your blog.


3. Create viral content.


Everyone wants their content to be viral, but most of the time, people fail while trying to make one. This is because they have not fully studied and paid attention to how viral posts work. You will need to understand that it is more than just creating a good content. You need to be able to connect to the audience, grab their attention, and make them share it to others. And for you to do that, you will need something that will catch their attention immediately by creating a catchy title for your blog post. For example, people today love to travel and most would consider doing it full-time and earn from it. If you post a title like “How You Can Retire in Your 20’s and Travel Around the World”, it will definitely catch people’s attention and click your post. But it doesn’t end there. Once people click on your link, you need to make sure that you keep them entertained. So you need to write a compelling content that actually makes sense and perhaps, bring about that ‘lightbulb moment’ to your reader’s minds. And when you can get them to do that, they will most definitely share it with their circle of friends. Give your readers the real deal. Make a connection and everything else will follow.


4. Utilize email traffic generation.


If you want to drive more traffic to your blog, you need to utilize every tool that you have. Sharing your posts on social media is not enough. Make sure that you also utilize email traffic generation. But first, you need to build your email list and nurture the ones who subscribe to you so they will always read and act on the emails you sent. You don’t need to have everyone on your list, but you need to have a loyal following in this regard in order to succeed. And always make sure that you provide a good landing page for your readers when they click on your link. You don’t want your readers to end up frustrated. Send them on a specific landing page that they initially wanted to be in.


5. reach out to other leaders on your industry.


Guest posting is one of the effective ways to drive more traffic to your blog. It means that you write and publish an article on someone else’s blog or website. If you do this, you need to make sure that the website, as well as the content you are going to write, is relevant to your blog. This way, you retain your blog’s and the other person’s blog identity. This is a great way to connect to new readers and get your name outside your own audience. This strategy is a win-win situation and you also get to build a fruitful relationship. You get to add value to someone else’s blog and at the same time, you get to connect with people who follow that person’s blog. Guest posting is a great way to grow your influence and ultimately gain more traffic to your blog. So if you consider this strategy, make sure that you provide a link back to your site and a link to your social media platforms where people can find you.

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