5 Tips to Get Back into Blogging after a Long Break

Blogging is not always sunshine and daisies. There will be times when you have to stop posting for a while due to several reasons. You may have had a stressful week or there’s a family matter that you have to prioritize first. That’s absolutely fine, but when you are not careful, you will soon find out that one week became two, and before you know it, you will realize that you haven’t been blogging for months! And when this happens, it can be a little hard to get back into blogging especially when you are no longer inspired to create content.

If you haven’t come up with a good content to publish for months, it is high time that you rethink your content and change your strategies. You will need to look at blogging on a different perspective especially if you think that your content is not something you want to pursue anymore. Thinking about it helps you become a more strategic thinker, so do your best. You’ll need a method that not only inspires you to resume blogging, but also provides you with material for future posts.

Here are five tips to get back into blogging after a long break.

1. Observe what catches your attention.

It’s easy to say, “Be inspired or be motivated.” But inspiration is not something you can easily come up with if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. So when you are still in the process of rethinking your content and strategies, look around you and observe the things that catch your attention. This way, you will be able to determine what sort of thing you are interested to know more. For example, you may be interested to always check on the latest technology.

Observe if it is something you would want to write about in your blog. This will inspire you to think of ways to present a topic about technology in a creative way. Sometimes, the best ideas come from long breaks since you get to actually observe the things around you. In order to feel inspired to blog again, put yourself in situations where you can make your mind think of something. This will prompt you to get the best ideas for your new content.

2. Jump right into it! Don’t let the ideas go to waste.

When you finally have an idea – even if it is just a small one, don’t wait up until you can turn it into big ideas. If you keep things aside for a while, you might forget about it and before you know it, you are back into a long break. Jump right into it! It doesn’t have to be perfect at first. The important thing is that make the ball rolling once again. Just start writing and more ideas will come soon after.

You shouldn’t feel bad that you took some time off from blogging, but you should encourage yourself to get back into it. Take small steps in writing new blog posts so as to restore your excitement in creating content in the future. Don’t stay too much on the thinking part, and start implementing what you have planned right away.

3. Personalize your post.

Remember, blogging is about making connections to people. While each blogger has a different and unique way of writing, it is important that you embrace the idea of personalizing your content. If you think your blog is dying, consider putting life back into it by adding a personal touch. Writing a specific topic, especially if it involves something educational, can be a lackluster content to some.

However, if you personalize it and make sure that you connect with your readers more, not only will it attract more people to read your blog, but it will also encourage you to open up more. Convey your own personality when you are writing content for your readers. However, if this is something you are not entirely open to doing, you can always try to collaborate with other bloggers. This will spark a new form of content in your blog and make it a lot more special to your readers.

4. Organize your content properly.

In order to stay consistent and to also remain to inspire to create more content, organization is the key. You don’t want your readers to find your blog to be just a huge block of texts. It is unappealing and can discourage people to check out your content more. When you organize your blog, you will also like what you are looking at since it is clean and easy to look at. In order to do this, make an outline first in your planner on topics you are going to write and use some bullets and lists. This way, it is much easier to put it in your final draft before publishing.

An organized and proper planning of post will encourage you more to get back into blogging. Make it a daily habit of formatting your drafts this way so that you will be encouraged to write more. This is a good habit to keep especially if you want to immediately get back into blogging after a long break.

5. Set realistic and firm goals and make sure you achieve it.

What keeps most of us demotivated sometimes is that we are unable to reach our blogging goals. But perhaps, this is because we are setting too much expectation of ourselves. In order to stay inspired and motivated to blog, set firm but realistic goals for yourself. This way, you won’t slip back into a long hiatus again.

Whatever goals you have, whether it is to monetizing your blog or getting the attention of a company for lasting sponsorship, make sure that you have ways to measure your success. Look through your analytics so you can hold yourself accountable in each step of your blogging journey.


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