10 Outstanding Photography Tips for Bloggers

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Photography Tips for Bloggers. We are now in the age of photography. As technology continuously makes it easier for us to capture moments, photos have become a very important aspect of everything that we do today. Whatever industry you are in, photos and graphics have become an important part of disseminating information and educating people.

In social media, it’s the key to getting more people to notice your profile. Without photos, it can be quite a challenge to attract people to notice your business because people are naturally visual beings. We like to see interesting things and we are easily attracted to nice images. This is because as humans, it is in our nature to appreciate beauty. So if you apply this in your blogging journey, you need to keep in mind that your photos matter a lot in getting people to read your blog.

Here are 10 photography tips for bloggers.

1. Pick up the best camera.

Before anything else, you need to have the right tools with you. Like any other craft, having the right tools and gears with you is going to make the job a lot easier and better. In this case, your most essential gear to have is a camera. It’s your first key to putting better photos on your blog. Choosing a camera may sound like a daunting task especially that these things are not exactly cheap. But you don’t necessarily have to get the most expensive camera out there to get proper photos for your blog. The best camera is the one that suits your blogging needs. So long as the camera can take nice and crisp photos of the things you want to feature in your blog, that’s good. In fact, some people only use their camera phones considering that mobile phones today can already take high-quality photos! This decision is entirely up to you. Choose the one that suits your budget and most importantly, your blogging needs. Think of it as your lifelong blogging investment.Invest in a good tripod.

Tripods are probably one of the most overlooked gears in photography but it is extremely essential for you as a blogger. There will be a lot of instances where you need a steady hand in capturing images. Using a tripod is going to help a lot in doing this. Moreover, it’s also an important item to have if you are a one-man team. For example, if you write about travel in your blog and you need to have your photos taken, tripods can really come in handy. Make sure to invest in a high-quality tripod as it is definitely something you will use at all times.

2. Use some staging items.

When it comes to making simple items look more aesthetically-pleasing, using some staging items will really help boost your photography to the next level. Staging helps elevate whatever you are shooting and define it well. And it’s not hard to do this so long as you have the right amount of items positioned properly as well as things that you can use to make everything more pleasing to the eyes. For example, marble papers are popular staging items you can use to make your photo look interesting. Whether you are shooting a coffee cup or a laptop for your blog post, a marble paper as your stage can make your photos more aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes.

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3. Set up a small home studio.

If you constantly need to shoot things or people for your blog, creating a personal space in your home as your home studio will be a great idea. It doesn’t have to be super fancy. Just allocate enough space for your home studio and put a good background. More importantly, place your studio in a well-lit room. Light is essential when it comes to good photography.

4. Take photos in natural light.

While light fixtures can add a certain mood for your photographs, nothing can beat natural light. When it comes to photography, natural light should be something you need to prioritize. If you need to take photos of still items, make sure to place in areas where natural light is present. Open your windows if you are shooting inside. If you are taking photos outside, consider the time you are taking your photos for the best results. For example, sunrise or sunset photos can offer a softer view compared to shooting at noon time.

5. Learn the different types of composition in photography.

The composition can help the photographer tell stories in their own perspective. If you want to incorporate this in your blog, learn what types of photo composition you can try to bring out a better or fresh perspective of your images. One of the examples for this is the Rule of Thirds. With this technique, there should be two horizontal and two vertical lines intersecting each other and should divide a piece into nine squares of equal size. With this, your place the subject on either the top, bottom, right, or left area to make a better composition.

6. Watermark your images.

Before publishing your photos in your blog, make it a habit to put watermarks in your photographs. This way, you are establishing your identity as the owner of these photos and when someone else uses it, you have the right to take ownership of the image.

7. Don’t be afraid to try photograph random items for your blog.

Make a stockpile of images that you can use in the future. For example, there will be days when you have to publish a blog post and it’s too gloomy outside to take good photos, having a stockpile of random photographs from the past will help you get photos for your post.

8. Learn to enhance and edit photos.

Light and color saturation are two aspects of a picture that may require tweaking before it’s ready to go live. Improve the quality of the photographs you post to your blog by learning photo editing techniques.

9. Shoot raw.

Shooting in raw format is important. It’s better than JPEG as the latter’s image information is compressed and lost. Raw images will also help you produce higher quality images.

Just like in skin care, exploring photography is a hobby that is meant to be enjoyed, what do you think? put your comments down below.


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