Why Blog About Product Reviews

Writing product reviews on your blog is one of the best ways to earn money. Product marketers love it because it is a great avenue to get the word out to the world. Brands and companies love it because it is also a great strategy to increase their sales and gain loyal customers. Therefore, many bloggers write product reviews. You will find thousands of them online, but oftentimes, not all bloggers write good ones. When you blog about product reviews, you need to have a format and compelling content to make it great.

Here’s how you can blog about product reviews and make them great.

Know the product and its features inside and out.

When writing product reviews, your main goal should be to help your readers and give them the best content or to read about a specific product. Most of the time, bloggers fall short on this since they don’t know the product, they are reviewing all too well. Therefore, before starting your product reviews, take the time to get to know the features of a certain product. Read information about it online through their website, social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram, or find similar sites that have it. Your product reviews should provide the best information among others they could find online.

Write the good and bad of the product.

Your reviews should include the good and bad of a product to make sure you are providing your readers with honest feedback. Even if you are getting money from the brand, your readers will still take time to read your posts to see if a certain product is worth buying.

You should include details that can’t be found on other sites. 

When writing product reviews, you should aim to be the top blogger that people look for help too. You need to write your own opinion and not just copy-paste what you see on the product website or other sites that talk about it. Your site should have posts that tell the product differently – your own way. That way, you will gain dedicated readers who will truly look for your reviews about the product.

Find the smallest details that could help your readers.

When writing product reviews, your goal should always be to help your readers with their concerns about a product. If you can find even the smallest details about a product’s function or features, it would be a good idea to write about it on your website. If it is a good one, your readers will definitely share it on social media, share it on Twitter, or even contact you for possible brand collaborations.

Why should you start writing product reviews on your site?

Writing product reviews is a great way to earn extra income online. Not only will you learn more about a product, but you are also potentially increasing your income. You can incorporate affiliate links on every product review you post, and when your readers click that affiliate link, you will earn a percentage of the amount they pay. As they say, money is in writing product reviews.


Money aside, many brands and companies need people like you to write product reviews. They need to find out if people love their products or if they need something to improve on. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are doing it for money or just to fill your time, writing product reviews requires skill. You need to put out good content and you need to polish your authentic tone when publishing it. After all, good content still matters and is appreciated by anyone.

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