A Guide on How to Make How-To Guides

Here’s the thing: almost everything you want to know can be found on the Internet. You want to know how to make a pesto sauce from scratch, just find a video of it on YouTube. Do you want to learn a new skill? Just make a quick Google search on it, and you will find hundreds of tutorials, courses, and how-to guides for it. You will find a lot of interesting ones but many of the results are not good enough. It makes serious searchers simply click and not pay attention to the article. For this reason, you need to make a compelling and complete how-to guide to keep your readers attention.

Follow this guide on how to make how-to guides.

1. Create a catchy title for your topic.

The first thing every user will see in your article is your main topic found in the title. This is why you need to make your title text as catchy and interesting as possible. This is one of the best tips to make sure people will truly read your how-to guide. Make your post title precise with the topic you are planning to create.

2. Start your guide with the things the user can expect.

The first five sentences of your guide should already indicate what people can expect in your how-to guide. Create a summary of the article so every user will know if your post has the answers to their questions.

3. Create an outline.

A good how-to guide should have a good outline of what it is about. Make your outline as clear as your text where you list every piece of information and data. Making a good outline is also a good social marketing strategy to attract more business users to your website.

4. Make your guide a better version by putting a list of steps that people need.

The purpose of making your own how-to guide among the many guides on the Internet is to make yours a better version. When writing a how-to guide, you should make your text in a business or professional tone. You should also improve the process of your how-to guide so the people who will read it will follow all the steps.

5. Put more examples, images, statistics, and other data.

By making your guide a better version, add more images, improved process, marketing tips, better examples, and other important things that will give those who read the article a value of their time.

6. Conduct keyword research.

After you are done writing, conduct keyword research to better improve your rankings on social media. Start by looking for the most searched words about your topic and find keywords that you may want to incorporate into it.

7. Do ultimate editing for your how-to guide.

Finally, the last but extremely important part of making your how-to guide the best is to edit it well. As much as possible, your guide should have everything the user wants. It should be perfectly written to ensure nothing needs to be updated or changed after it is published. Read the article as many times as possible to determine if you made some mistakes or you need to make a full revision.



Creating a how-to guide need not be complicated. In fact, anyone can make a good how-to guide with the right tips and steps. The key here is to make it simple and concise, but well-detailed. This way, people can easily navigate through your guide but what they are getting is definitely a lot better than the other results they see online.

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