8 Effective Ways to Increase Organic Traffic

It can be very challenging to increase organic traffic in your blog especially if you are still starting out. But as you go through your blogging journey, you will soon understand the importance of growing your blog’s traffic organically. This is because traffic from the search engine is targeted and relevant. While you can get traffic from social media as well as other sources, getting traffic via search engines is much more consistent. In fact, it will require less effort on your end. Once you have out your content out there in the search engines to see, you will grow your blog without having to do all the sharing and promoting. But while consistent marketing is still important, you will want something that will support your blog even when you are not sharing on social media.

So it is quite a challenge for a lot of bloggers out there to increase organic traffic. It may sound like such a daunting task but with the right strategy and attitude towards it, you will be able to increase your traffic organically in no time.

Here are 8 effective ways to increase organic traffic on your blog.

2. Create content as best as you possibly can.

This may sound like the most cliché statement ever, but remember, everything boils down to what content you are showing to the public. Creating content just so you will have consistent posts on your blog won’t get you far, and will not help boost your reputation at all. It doesn’t matter how long or short your content is. It just needs to be good. Your content represents you as a brand and if you are unable to create a lasting impact or event just a good impression to your readers through your content, it won’t help you at all in the hopes of growing your traffic organically. So the next time you are creating content, make sure that you write it as best as you can.Determine which links in your website are good and bad links.

One of the most essential elements of SEO is backlinks. They are one of the major factors that can improve your ranking in the search engines. So earning and building quality backlinks can help you a lot if you want to be an authoritative voice in the industry. So if you want to increase organic traffic in your blog, you need to determine which backlinks are helping you and which ones you should get rid of. Analyze all your backlinks and compare the value that they have. Once you have identified which ones are the best, try to get more of those.

3. Write more content that answers your readers’ questions and concerns.

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As more people become interested with your website, your readers will start sending in their questions and concerns and it is important to take note of all of them. This is because your readers will most likely search for answers about this on the search engines so if you have a content that has it, not only will you be able to answer your readers’ question but also give more information to other people as well. People will need answers and having a detailed article about it will drive more traffic to your website as other people tend to look for those solutions on the search engines as well.

4. Make extensive keyword research and create a keyword database.

The key to having organic traffic on your website is by using the right keywords in your blog post. You need to make sure that you have the exact phrases that people are using to search on search engines like Google. Check the most popular keywords whenever you are writing a blog post so you can rank them a lot easier. Make a list of all these keywords so you can use them in your future content. One of the best tools to look for keywords is the Google Ads Keyword Planner.

5. Optimize your content and meta data.

If your meta data contains the keywords or information that people are looking for in the first paragraphs of your content then you have higher chances of ranking higher. So whenever you are creating a new blog post, always make sure that you optimize your content and meta data. Make sure that the most important keywords are in the first paragraphs, meta titles, descriptions, image names, ALT, and more. But make sure that you avoid keyword stuffing as it will not help your website at all. To increase organic traffic, you will have to make sure that you have optimized your content properly.

6. Write consistently.

Make it a goal to have a proper schedule on when you publish your blog posts and do it more often. Publishing once a week is great if you can’t do it at least every other day. Search engines will most likely rank your website better if you have consistent updates. Most importantly, people love to visit more websites with consistently updated content too. This is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic as more people will see your website as an authority and will more likely visit your first compared to others.

7. Create authoritative inbound links.

Having a powerful internal linking system will help you increase organic traffic as well. Make sure to link relevant posts that you have written to new ones and use your preferred anchor text. These links are valuable for search engine optimization, and it also helps your website since you lead your readers to spend more time on your site. This is where writing interesting content comes in which is very important if you want people to consume more content from your blog.

8. Do your strategies ethically.

Perhaps the number one rule of increasing organic traffic is to never anger the search engines – especially Google! Otherwise, your website will get penalized and everything you worked for will just go down the drain. Avoid buying cheap inbound links, do not publish stolen content, and never use the exact-match anchor text. Look for strategies to increase organic traffic, but do it ethically.

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