5 Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Blog

Social networking sites plays a huge role when it comes to promoting your blog. Due to its popularity across a broad of audience globally, taking advantage of its reach is something you should definitely need to utilize in order to gain more readers on your blog. Sharing your blog posts on various social media platforms is one of the best strategies to increase traffic to your site. While getting readers organically is still something you should push, gaining readership through social media is also a huge thing that you should consider as well.

Today, there are plenty of big names in the social media world. There are far too many social networking sites, but it does not mean you should be in all of them. If in the past, people try to gain more followers by joining as many social media platforms as they can, it doesn’t necessarily bring in the results that you really want. So the key here is to find the ones that you can work on and more importantly, only choose social networking sites that fit your blog niche. Otherwise, it will only be a waste of time if you are available across all channels and there is no return to your time and effort.

But apart from gaining readership, having a social media profile will also make your personal brand a reliable one in this industry. For instance, if you are a business that promotes products and services through your blog and people have questions about it, it’s much easier if they find you on social media. Your availability across social networking sites will level up your authority in the industry because people love to work with businesses that they can approach immediately and also get solutions quickly.

Thus, if you are blogging today, joining social networking sites has become a necessity. Here are 5 social networking sites to promote your blog.

1. Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook is the most widely used social networking service. It has over 1.5 billion active monthly users worldwide and is still continuously growing. This social networking site doesn’t just let you connect with your family and friends, but they also allow you to share links of your blog and other types of content. You can create groups and pages where you can use as your medium in sharing your blog content. Facebook allows you to reach not just your family and friends, but a whole lot of people especially if your circle also shares it within their own circles. And if you want to reach more people, you can also take advantage of paid advertisements where you can target a specific audience that you want to reach. With Facebook continuously updating its platform and its features, it’s no wonder why it is currently the most popular social networking site. It’s the best social networking site that you should have for you to promote your blog.

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2. Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site but also considered a micro-blogging platform which allows you to also promote your blog. Businesses and celebrities use this platform in promoting their websites, businesses, and other related content. Compared to other social networking sites, Instagram’s strength is visual promotion. So for example, if you want to promote a travel blog, posting photos of your travel will allow you to successfully promote your content in this platform. Like any other social networking sites, Instagram allows each user a single page where they can also find the content of others. It can be people or brands they are following or other related content by other people. Instagram also has features that you can utilize in order to gain more engagement such as using hashtags, geotagging, profile tagging, Instagram stories, and more. You can also take advantage of paid advertisements using this platform so that your post will reach more people.

3. Twitter

If you want more people to notice your entries, one of the greatest locations to do it is on Twitter. However, you’ll need to do more than just tweet regularly if you want to see any kind of traffic or recognition. For example, make sure that you put a Click to Tweet button in your blog post so that people can easily share your content through Twitter and when they also want to share it on their own profiles, it’s a lot easier to just retweet it from you. If you can, try to repurpose old articles that contain evergreen content. And as much as possible, mention people you include in your blog post as it will reach out to more people, especially huge influencers, and get to engage with them as well. It’s a win-win situation and it is an effective tactic that will allow you to use Twitter for your own benefit.

4. Pinterest

You might think that Pinterest is just another platform out there that doesn’t give that much value, but you would be surprised to know that a lot of bloggers gain traffic from this platform. It’s considered a micro-blogging platform but it is also a social networking site that will allow you to reach more people and convince them to check out your own content. Pinterest lets you pin a photo and link your blog post within it. You don’t necessarily need to pin every blog post on Pinterest, but you can simply selectively pin blog posts that you think people will want to check out. This works best especially if you are trying to give out solutions to other people. When people visit Pinterest, they look for answers. Take advantage of this need so you can drive more traffic to your blog.

5. Reddit

The members of the social networking website Reddit share links to articles they find interesting and other users then vote on the articles they deem most interesting. Through this voting mechanism, material will be promoted or demoted. This is also organized as subreddits or areas of interest related to specific content. It’s currently one of the most popular social media platforms today that will allow you to promote your blog and gain more engagement from it.


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