5 Effective Ways For better blog engagement


Effective Ways to make Engagement Whether we admit it or not making is important in marketing specifically in blogging, not having engagement in our blogs can be demotivating. And this can sometimes affect our drive to blog more. We become more motivated to create content when we know that there are people who will read and understand it.

As human beings, it’s inevitable that we want to have a connection with other people. When we create content for people to see and people do not notice it, it can greatly affect our progress. Even if our initial goal is not to write for others, it is a rewarding experience when we see people engaging in our content. But in order to have that, you must also learn how to engage with your blog readers. After all, it is a two-way relationship and when people see that you are interested in what they say, in return, they will keep looking for more of your content.

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It’s a crucial talent to be able to connect with your audience, yet many bloggers overlook its significance. As your blog grows, you will soon find out that you have to be present and actually learn how to engage with your readers. But a lot of bloggers don’t know how to do this or may lack the skills of communicating properly with their readers.

1. When you are writing a blog post, think of a topic that can be a solution to their problem.

People search for answers online which is why you see a lot of self-help articles out there. Gone were the days when you have to search for an encyclopedia or a specialist to get a solution to your problem. In today’s modern world, our first impulse is to search for answers online. After all, it is the fastest and the most convenient. With that being said, take it to your advantage and write a topic that will help people provide solutions to their problems. However, you have to make sure that you actually know what you are writing about. Otherwise, you risk the chance to be seen as an unreliable source. Write a topic that you know – one that you are most confident can provide a solution to someone’s problem. This will prompt them to ask you more questions or even thank you for solving their problems.

2. Let people know you are giving them something amazing.

When you are creating content, the mystery is one of the factors that will entice your readers to read it. But when you put up too much mystery and not inform them in advance that you have prepared something amazing for them, it can rub off the excitement and they may not actually click on your post. Writing a preview of your post is very important. What you should tell them is a hint of what you are about to share so they will stick with reading your blog until the end. When you want to engage with your audience, letting them know in advance that you can help them will help a lot. Your readers will want to know you are about to share them something great. You can either write this preview in the first sentence of your blog post or you can even put it in your title. It depends on your strategy but you will have to make sure that you are making it exciting to your readers.

3. Be creative in your storytelling skills.

Storytelling is a huge factor when you want people to notice you. People are generally drawn when they hear or see great storytellers. As a blogger, it is your job to convince people to read your blog through how you share your story. Be creative when writing your blog post and put your own style and knowledge in it. Your audience will see your passion for doing your craft when you become creative about it and if you put your effort in it. In the end, this will push them to get to know your work even more. One of the finest methods to interact with your blog followers is to share interesting stories. When you are able to connect with them through your story, it becomes the first step to actually have a good engagement with your readers.

4. Refer to your other blog posts.

Don’t just end your blog post with your topic. Include links of your other content so that it will push them to read more of your work. You have to keep your audience interested and one way of doing that is to show that you have more to offer than what is being presented right in front of them. This is most especially relevant if you have a topic and you have other sources right within your blog that can authenticate what you are trying to point out. It’s a great method to interact with your blog’s audience without coming off as intrusive. By simply putting relevant information out there, they will become more interested to engage more with you. You will be able to boost your reader engagement in your blog.

5. Acknowledge their thoughts in the comment section.

The comment section of your blog and social media accounts are the most interesting places that you should look into. It’s where people can air their thoughts about the topic you have just written and also provide feedback. When your audience sees that you acknowledge their sentiments by responding or even just liking their comments, it will prompt them to read more of your content. In the same way, your audience will feel like you don’t care about their thoughts if you do not respond to any of their comments. So the next time you open your blog or social media, never forget to respond to comments and if your readers have questions, be sure to answer them truthfully and confidently.


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