4 different tips on how to find your niche

How to find your niche?

Whether you are just starting out a new blog or probably already have one but doesn’t feel it, you need to evaluate yourself if you are really are blogging what you want. Thus, it is important to actually find your niche, it could be a hair dryer review website or simply a beauty niche. Knowing exactly what your niche is will help you stay in your lane and write things that you actually love. Creating something that is valuable to your audience can be quite a challenge considering the number of competitions that you have today. With so many people starting their own blogs nowadays, it is easy to get lost and become relevant to the thousands of personal brands that are in competition with each other every day.

The blogging world is so vast so it is important that you find where you belong. It is important that you know exactly your place so you won’t get lost and be easily intimidated by the number of things that could arise while you are blogging.

Thankfully, in today’s modern world, we are now equipped with enough knowledge and skills to not just create but most importantly, adapt and innovate to what the world needs. So in order to find what your niche is, you have to find what is something you are strongly passionate about that you are willing to consistently write about and share to the world. Moreover, it is not just about passion. You also need to have a purpose or a goal as that will be your guiding light so, in times when you don’t know what you are doing, you can always find your way back to whatever it is that motivated you to get started.

This post will help you through to finding a niche that is both profitable and you are passionate about.

1. Identify and evaluate what it really is you’re passionate and skillful about.

This may be the most cliché advice you will ever receive but it is also one of the most important. Being truthful with oneself and identifying your true areas of interest is essential. But it does not end on passion alone. You have to consider other things such as if you are good at what you are passionate about. For instance, you may love portrait photography but may not be good at it. Passion alone is not enough to sustain a successful blog. You also need to have a level of skills and expertise to be able to do it right. So if your passion alone cannot sustain it, ask yourself, “What is it really I am good at?” You have to determine if what you want is feasible and not just a dream. But putting all those aside, you can always focus on what you really want, start from there, and develop an attitude of constantly improving your craft. Just remember to keep things real and see clearly where your passion and skills are going to take you.

2. Narrow down your talents and skills and go for something that you would pursue no matter what.

If you’re the kind to pick up and master several skills quickly, it’s time to take stock and choose the one you’ll be most successful at in the long term. Having so many things in mind can cause a lot of conflict on your part. Do not do something just because you feel like doing it. Regardless of your current circumstances, you should only engage in activities that you would continue doing in the long term. What skills do you have that you can take with you in the future? What sort of things do you love that you will most probably still love in the future? List down all of talents and skills and rank them into which you enjoy the most to the least you will likely do. Once you have written down all of them, try to check the things that you can eliminate. Finally, rank everything again until you reach a certain point where you can now easily choose what you really want. When you find that niche, you can be assured that you will go for it no matter what because it is one you enjoy and one you are good at. That is certainly a crucial factor to think about.

3. Figure out if the niche you have considered is something that people are interested to know about.

It is not enough to love a particular niche. Otherwise, you won’t be blogging at all. Once you have decided to create a blog, you are not just creating content for yourself. You are also writing for other people so if you want to sustain a blog, you need to find out if the particular niche you have initially considered is something that you can market. It has to be something that people are interested to know about. Otherwise, your blog will remain a hobby and may not grow into a lucrative business. One way of doing this is to do prior research online on what people usually want to know about. You can use some basic keyword research and type in some keywords that are related to your niche. Check out how much is the monthly research volume, the level of competition, as well as other metrics. Knowing all this information prior will prepare and guide you to choosing what specific niche you want for your blog.

4. Find out if you have something different to offer to your audience compared to the rest of your competitors.

You can’t deny the fact that the world is already content-polluted today. Is your blog going to offer something new? Root out all your competitors and find if you can compete with all those well-known and ranking sites. You don’t have to be as popular as others but you gotta have something that is valuable for others. Make sure the stuff you provide has real value for the reader.


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